Book Manali Honeymoon Packages : A Lovers Paradise!
24.10.2013 11:42

When your head over heels in love, a honeymoon is sure to let love blossom! What better place than Manali for the love birds! Mesmerising natural beauty, fresh air, the snowy mountains and the cascading waterfalls is a favourite destination to many newly weds. Book Manali Honeymoon Packages to make your special time together memorable. These packages are planned to add joy and warmth to your honeymoon.

Manali has attracted many newlyweds as they like to share some private moments and relax after their big day.  When you Book Manali Honeymoon Packages you are provided luxury, comfort and hospitality at its best.  The luxurious hotels welcome you with a drink, treat you with special food, a lovely cake, private discotheque and a candle light dinner. Some even offer a complimentary service at the Spa for rejuvenation. Hand in hand with your beloved, you can tour the place in leisure and savour the beauty and food of this place.

A walk along the banks of the river Beas, shopping, enjoying the local food add fun and frolic to your honeymoon. If you are an adventurous couple, try mountaineering or paragliding. Wake up in the morning to behold the snowy mountains, spend a lazy day, sip on coffee or tea, enjoy time spent together and get to know each other better. Its your honeymoon after all! Love is in the air and you are a wonderful pair!


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