Now go for Affordable - Tour packages for Manali
03.12.2013 10:58

Manali is a hill station located amidst the hilly mountain ranges, lush green landscape and gurgling waterfalls in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The place is well occupied throughout the year with bunch of adventure lovers, honeymooners and nature lovers. Located at the foot of Kullu valley and near the banks of the becalming Beas River, the hill station lies in the heart of the country. The lofty snow capped mountains add to the charms of this place. . Tour packages for Manali are available all over the internet where we can choose the best option that suites our pocket. These tour packages are available ranging from Rs 10000 to Rs 50000 and even more. Usually the cost depends upon the stay duration and hotel accommodation, but of course you can choose the best one that suits your pocket and fulfills your desires.

Famous visiting points at Manali are the Vashistha temple, Hadimba Devi temple etc. Thousands of devotees come here to offer their devotion to the Goddesses. Located along the Beas River Valley, Vashistha temple gathers a large crowd throughout the year. Several adventure sports are also done here such as river rafting, fishing, polo sports, trekking etc. Tour packages for Manali include trips to Rohtang Pass which is the penultimate adventure spot here. The place has a lot to offer with its range of sporty activities. Manali is a traditionally built-up city with all sort of modernizations available. You will definitely find a good hotel here under your travel package as the city has good number well-to-do hotels.


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