Phenomenal Touring Experience with Manali Tour Packages
19.12.2013 12:17

Manali is a very picturesque and relaxing touring destination in India. Nature can be enjoyed at its best while at Manali and the place offers fresh air and enchanting serenity. It is a very small town surrounded with the snow-filled Himalayan peaks. The Rivers Beas, a prominent river, flows through the town. Manali tour packages are there in plenty with the tour operators in India and you can easily find out a package best matching to your needs and budget to enjoy being at this heavenly destination.

A large number of international travelers also prefer to choose Manali as their favorite holiday spot for its natural beauty and environment. For a large number of Indians, Manali is there favorite summer destination to escape from the warm weather of cities such as Delhi. The major destinations to visit in this place are Arjun Gufa, Club House, Nehru Kund, Hidimba Devi and Manu temples, and Solang Valley. Rohtang Pass is a must-visit spot in Manali, which also features many opportunities for the adventure sport enthusiasts. The Rahala Waterfalls is also visited by many tourists and the tremendous force with which water falls down will simply make you amazed.

Apart from Rohtang Pass, there are a lot of other touring spots such as Lahaul, Spiti, Zanskara, and Kangra Ranges of Himalayas offering adventure sports facilities. You can also enjoy horse riding and hiking at these destinations. Trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing are also other sort of sporting excitements available in the custom-made Manali tour packages for the travelers to enjoy themselves.


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